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Why you want Mandrel Bent Exhaust

For top performance and efficiency, your car's engine needs to "breathe" well.  And, a big part of that is an efficient and unrestricted path to allow exhaust gasses to escape.



Registration and Check Out

When your register with my website you are randomly sent a password that is attached your username which is usually your email address. Your password and username are emailed to you when you register. Sometimes you might have to sign in again to be able to check out. You can retrieve your password by entering the username that you created and you will be emailed your password.


Check Out.

When you are ready to check out and you have completed your order and entered your information name, address, ect. and what you are purchasing you will directed to Pay Pal's site when you click on the next button to enter your credit card information. When you get to the page you have an option of paying by Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and if you already have a Pay Pal account you can complete your purchase with Pay Pal or you can open an account with them. It only takes a couple of days to verify your account with them (checking).


California VS. Non California for Z31

To be able to determine if your car is a California or Non California Emissions car there should be a sticker on the door jam, the drivers door or under the hood that will specify if your car was imported with the California Emissions. For the Non California design the converter is 14" long instead of 15 7/8" and the down pipe is also 1 17/8" longer as well. If you are replacing the converter or off road you will need to know which one you need but if you are ordering a complete system the shorter down pipe will make up the difference of the longer converter or off road. If you are ordering just the converter or off road along with the cat back system then you will need to order the converter or off road pipe that is designed for your car. If you are ordering a down pipe only we will also need to know if your car is a California or Non California design.


Explanation of Off Road

Off Road products are manufactured for vehicles that do not drive on the public roads in the USA. EPA vehicle emissions law states that it is illegal to remove Catalytic Converters or change the size or configuration of the factory system (unless there is another same type vehicle with a larger or different configuration) that you are allowed to copy. The EPA gives us some leeway with the size and configuration of our exhaust systems but they don't like you driving on the streets illegally without a catalytic converter on your car. For those of you that don't know it, you can be fined for driving your car on the street without a converter even if you did it yourself. It is a Federal Offense.


The AIV Fitting for the Nissan 300ZX

The AIV Fitting on the Nissan 300ZX'S is a fitting that is welded into the Down Pipe that attaches to a Metal Tube that screws into the fitting.




What is Included in our Systems

We include all necessary hardware to attach our system to the factory and hangers.

Nuts, Bolts, Gaskets, and any special hardware if needed.


Our Product Line

Our Mufflers are all made of 304 Stainless.

For Our Stainless Systems we only 304 Stainless Tubing and 3/8" Solid Stainless Rod for the Hangers.

All of our systems are Mandel Bent and Tig Welded for appearance and strength.